• Wide-Lens View: Senior partners have worked in the private and public sectors, as executives, diplomats and applied academics. All of our staff have spent the majority of their careers in the region, and are recognized international experts in the politics and economy of specific countries in the region.

• Access: Our networks span senior government and business communities throughout the Middle East and Africa. Our board of Advisors includes senior members of the diplomatic, corporate and NGO community. Our command of local languages and local roots allows us access to a wide range of sources the larger firms simply cannot match.

• Creativity & Resourcefulness: We are known for our ability to find cost-effective solutions to complex problems, where the success factor is often uncovering hidden connections, unearthing a key source of information, or forming an unlikely but powerful alliance.

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• Close-Hold Partnerships: Ishtirak has partnered with a small number of specialist firms whose work complements ours. Through our strong relationships we offer additional services and potentially significant cost savings.

• Highly Ethical: We believe the best –and ultimately most successful-- approach to business in the region is the direct and transparent one. We are fully compliant with all USG and FCPA provisions.

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